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Emulsion sprinkler

STRASSMAYR bitumen spraying machine is used for uniform spraying of emulsion over the pavement. Emulsion is stored in the insulated tank which ensures retaining of established temperature during the whole working time.

Road widener

BF 290 roadside paver is designed for bulk material and asphalt paste paving at the roadsides. Multifunctional equipment mounting allows to install the paver over the wheeled loader, excavator loader and tractor.

Linear stone spreader

The STRASSMAYR grit spreader is designed to work with a truck and is used to evenly dispense aggregate on a sprinkled road surface. The spreader design allows mounting on the rear part of an open load-bearing body of a truck.


The STRASSMAYR heater planer is designed for the pavement repair. The heater planer design enables carrying out all stages of the pavement patching using one machine, operated with the control console. The heater planer is designed for being mounted on a truck, acting as a carrier.

Surface repairing machine

The STRASSMAYR patching heater planer is used for large-scale pavement repairs with the use of emulsion and gravel. The equipment is mounted on the truck chassis, with the dimensions fitting to summarized load resulting from the gravel and emulsion tank dimensions.

Thermo Container

Strassmayr Thermos is designed for asphalt compound transport in the conditions ensuring the retention of temperature required for the compound laying. The thermos technology allows to perform the repairs with the use of asphalt compound at a large distance from compound production sites.

Cracksealing machines

Strassmayr crack filler is used for preparation and dosing of special compounds sealing and protecting the joints. The compound is heated to 180°C during the paving. The equipment is mounted at double-axle trailer or at the commercial vehicle platform.

Milling machine for cracks

Strassmayr self-propelling road crack cutter is designed for dilatations cutting in a new pavement, as well as for the cutting of cracks arising in the damaged pavements. The cutter is used for the crack expansion, in order to fill the crack with a special sealing compound.


The Quality of the Year – Products Certificate

The jury of the largest quality contest granted the Quality of the Year award to one of the Strassmayr’s flag machines - TS 6000 C vario bitumen spraying machine. The jury evaluated the innovative character of the solutions used in the equipment, as well as the high quality of the machine manufacture.

Golden Certificate of Integrity 2012

The Golden Certificate of Integrity confirms the responsible care of the Strassmayr company to its work process. The company timely performs all its obligations, and it also provides its Customers and Suppliers with all registration data, information about its management, as well as the information about the company’s achievements. The Strassmayr company has taken part in the Responsible Company program since November 2010.

Reliable Company

The Strassmayr company is an active participant of the Reliable Company program, aimed at supporting responsible and reliable companies in creating and improving a positive image among the customers, suppliers and personnel. The Certificate confirms the Strassmayr’s reliability as a business partner and gives evidence of application of the highest quality standards in customer service.

The Quality Certificate 2011

The Poland Research and Certification Center (Polskie Centrum Badań i Certyfikacji S.A.) evaluated high working standards of the Strassmayr company regarding the effective implementation of the policy of quality and accuracy of procedures applied, which ensure high performance. The certificate confirms the positive vision of the company by the customers and its personnel, as well as the attention to the products’ highest quality ensuring.

The medal of the Highway Poland 2011 Exhibition (Autostrada Polska 2011)

The Strassmayr company was granted the medal of the Highway Poland 2011 Exhibition for its innovative crack filling machine RWK 600/500. The International Road Building Exhibition HIGHWAY POLAND is the greatest event of the road building sector in Poland and one of the greatest similar events in Europe, which confirms the status of the award received.

The Certificate of Compliance with the Russian Federation Standards

The Strassmayr company has obtained the Certificate of compliance with the Russian Federation standards, confirming that the production of the Strassmayr’s pavement repairing equipment complies with the requirements of the Technical regulations regarding the reliability of machines and equipment (Resolution of the Russian Federation Government of 15.09.2012, No. 753).


The Strassmayr brand history has begun in Austria, more than 70 years ago, in 1938, in a small town of Adlwang. Initially the company was engaged in metal treatment.

Thanks to the Strassmayr family determination, as well as to the emerging opportunities of the company development, in late 1965 – early 1966 the company produced the first bitumen spraying machine, driven by an industrial tractor was built. This event was a new chapter in the Strassmayr company history. Since that time, the key company’s activity has been the manufacture of road building and repairing machines.

From the very beginning of the company, the key issue was a constant technology development. By creating new types of technique, the Strassmayr company defined new trends in road building. The technology of roadway replacement work, patching or crack filling – these are only a few of solutions implemented by the manufacturer, which are still used in road repairing. Due to the dynamic operation of the Center for Innovation and the Design Department, the company annually implements innovative technologies and changes, ensuring leading positions for the manufacturer in the industry. In view of a constant development of the company, the Strassmayr Group was founded, with constantly increasing number of customers. The typical orange road machinery has become an integral part of the European and international road projects’ landscapes.

Nowadays the Strassmayr brand is associated with a high-quality machinery and additional service provided by the company. Professional and quality-oriented approach is confirmed by numerous certificates and awards, granted to the company. The customers appreciate the innovative products, prompt deliveries and service reliability.

During the last three years the Strassmayr Group has been systematically developing the network of authorized dealers – not only in Europe, but all over the world, in order to reach each customer, and to provide the customers with effective and professional service.